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Promenade chords lyrics


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        Tom: C
    C F-C
    Earth, sky, sea, and rain
    Here she comes back again.
    Men stroll, sneak the hall
    Words that build or destroy.
    F C F-C
    Dirt dry bones and stones.

    C F-C
    Barbed wire fence cut me down,
    I'd like to be around.
    In a spiral staircase
    Am G
    to the higher ground.
    Am G
    And I like a firewall and explode.
    F C
    Roman candlelightning lights up the sky.

    In cracked streets, trample underfoot
    Sidestep, sidewalk.
    I see you stare into space.
    Have I gotten closer now,
    behind the face.
    Tell me, will you dance with me,
    and turn me around tonight.
    Up though the spiral staircase to the higher ground.

    See slide show, see side town,
    coca-cola, football, radio radio radio . . .

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